Why can’t I always bargain with a character? | Myantiquaria - Bergen Games

Why can’t I always bargain with a character?

If you can’t bargain with the character, then you've done this too many times before.

Pay attention - every time you bargain with characters, indicator of their attitude towards you lowers a bit. At some point, if you trade too hard, their attitude towards you will go down to such a level that further bargaining will not be possible. To regain their trust, you need to offer them the most comfortable price when buying and selling an item.

Competitions with characters (VS mode).
Sometimes on the location you want to visit may be already occupied by characters. You can compete them in VS mode.
To do this, press the "Pay and search" button, which is marked by the letters "VS". Be careful - clicking on the button "Pay and make quit" with the image of a bag of money, will expel the character from the location, and you will look for rarities there alone.

In the competition mode your task is to find the most expensive rarities faster than your opponent. Be careful - the characters will take valuable rarities directly from under your nose, so react quickly! After the end of the match, the game will name the winner, having calculated the incomes of the participants.