How do I learn more about locations? | Myantiquaria - Bergen Games

How do I learn more about locations?

All information about the locations is in the "Locations" tab of the diary.

Open the diary and tap on the lowest tab. This will open the "Locations" section. Pressing the side buttons you can view all the locations of the completed chapters. To the left are photos of all scenes of locations with scrollable descriptions. To the right is a list of collection items that can be found on the locations. You can tap on each item and view detailed information. Images of all scenes can be viewed only for the locations you have opened. The button for switching to the map is also available only for open locations.

Besides, information about the location can be viewed on the game map - in this case you will get much more information. To do this, tap on the location, and then on the "i" button in the upper left corner of the appeared mini-window. Note that instead of tapping on the "i" button you can also tap on the "Pay and search" button to enter the location and start searching for rarities.

After tapping on the "i" button you will get to a window where you can do the following:

• Press "Read description" button. Here you can find out the entire history of the location and some facts about its inhabitants:
• View the thumbnails of locations. Here you see whether they are available and their quantity. If the scene is not unlocked, it shows the conditions - the number of stars it takes to be unlocked;
• View the stars progress - its quantity show your current location progress level;
• View the statistics window below the star line. Here is the average earnings you can there, the numbers of caches and collection items on the location. Here you can see how many caches you have already opened.
• View "Can be found" list. It shows which collection items can be found here and which ones you have already found, at least once.