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What are the functions of the diary?

The diary contains all the necessary information concerning the following things: quest tasks, characters, collectible items and locations.

Using the diary you can understand at what stage you are, and what you should do next. Also here you can order goods, do the appraisal and certification of collection items.
Diary sections:

1. The plot tasks. To access it, press the first tab from the top. When you press its icon, the diary will open on the actual story task that you want to perform. Completed tasks can be viewed using the side buttons.

2. Characters. The second tab from the top. Here you can find information about those characters you already met. Please note that some of them have a special indicator of their relationship to you. These are the characters that you can sell items to and that you can buy items from. Try to treat them right and they will almost love you! Besides, in this section you can order characters the items they own. To do this, simply click the "Order" button below the desired item.

3. Collectible items. The third tab from the top. Here you can find the collections of items collected by you. You can buy a certificate for any collection item or appraise it - for this press the corresponding button. In this case, the amount of money that the collection will bring to you day by day, increases. Complete collections (all 5 items) can be placed in a shop, and they will bring you income - for this click the "Place" button.

To learn more about the collection item, go to the "Collections" tab by pressing the third top button to the right of the diary. Find the item in one of the collections and click on the magnifying glass in the lower right corner - it opens the information window of the item. The item information is placed on the right side of the window, the price is under the image of the item. A button with a small house and a magnifying glass on the bottom left under the subject image will move you to the location page where you can find this item.

4. Locations. Fourth tab from the top. Here you can find information about locations. To the left you can see the number of scenes in the location and information about it, and to the right - collectible items that you can find there. Pay attention - the locations with an image of the lock, are not available yet!