How many types of caches there are in the game and how do I open them? | Myantiquaria - Bergen Games

How many types of caches there are in the game and how do I open them?

There are six types of caches, and they differ by what they open with:
- with a tap;
- with the help of the object from the location;
- with code (safes);
- with crowbar;
- with hard crowbar;
- with lockpick.

Caches can be divided into two large groups - those which are available from the first level and those which are available at other levels.

Those which are available from the first level:
1. Open by a tap.
Such caches can be boxes, sacks, chests without locks or different niches covered with boards.
2. Open with an object picked up on the location. If you pick up an object on the location, try to find a cache that you can be opened with this object. Such an object can be a wrench, a handle of the refrigerator etc.
3. Open with a code. The code can be found on scraps of paper, try to put all the pieces together in the correct order, do not panic - the location timer stops until you put pieces together. After you get the code tap on the safe and dial the code.

Caches available at other levels:
1. Open with a crowbar (the tool is available from the seventh level). It opens caches hid behind wooden planks and some of the chests. The crowbar needs to be activated in the window of improvements, and it should be used this way - take the crowbar from the bag and drag it to the cache.
2. Open with hard crowbar. These are made of stronger materials and some iron parts. Hard crowbar can be activated in the window of improvements, after that it will replace the simple one.
3. Open with lockpick. It opens chests and lockers with locks. Lockpick is activated as well as crowbar. While searching, you must pull it out of the bag and bring it to the hiding place.

To unlock the tools go to the menu of improvements, you can enter it while being in the shop or on the map by pressing a button placed in the middle of your screen, to the right of your game experience bar. This button is an arrow shaped icon. Each round shaped button in the improvements menu activates a certain type of improvement. Note that each type of improvement takes some stars to be activated. Choose an available tool and start using it!
If you haven’t enough time to go through the location, you can use the energy (coffee), which can also be bought in the improvements menu for the stars. Fill up your energy drink bottle in the shop for the game currency - it can be done by pressing the button in the last tab of the menu that can be accessed by pressing the lightning shaped button.