Why do I need to raise the locations progress levels? | Myantiquaria - Bergen Games

Why do I need to raise the locations progress levels?

The raise of the locations progress levels increase the prices of the items you find there, unlocks new scenes and new items.

There are three main location progress levels: bronze, silver and gold, but this is not the limit. In the next stages you will find an incredible variety of items! Each level consists of 6 stars. With new location progress level, the total cost of the items may increase, and the time may decrease.

To increase the location progress level you need to exceed a certain total cost of the collected rarities. To do this, collect the most expensive of the items. Use tips to quickly find the best rarities and energetic drink (coffee) to increase the time, and you will become the best antiquarian of Morgan Hills!
The location progress level doesn’t increase in the VS and the performance of the order from the character mode, however in the VS mode you get more experience, and when you execute the order you do not pay fee.

To raise your level, compete the characters in VS mode, progress through the game story and fulfill orders from the characters - all these actions contribute to raising your level!

Location Research Modes
There are three types of search mode: free search, search by order (search by picture) and competition with the character (VS).
Free search - you need to pay the fee, you collect items in free mode, experience and level increase.

Search by order (search by picture) - the fee is paid by the character you search for, the experience increase, but location progress level doesn’t.

Competition with the character (VS) - you need to pay the fee, you collect the items in free mode (you get more experience in this mode).