What do the different icons on the location mean? | Myantiquaria - Bergen Games

What do the different icons on the location mean?

Icons on the locations show the available search modes.

You can visit any location with exactly the purpose that interests you. Quest tasks are marked with a rabbit icon, locations with characters tasks are marked with a magnifying glass. The locations with characters icons on them are occupied by relevant characters: you can challenge them by joining the VS mode!

By tapping an unlocked location in the map mode, you’ll get a mini window with an “i” button and available search modes. Choose a mode and go have a search! By tapping the "i" button you’ll get to the windows with the following information:

• “Read the description” button. Here you can find out the entire history of the location and some facts about its inhabitants;
• Scenes icons. They show their accessibility and quantity. If the scene is not unlocked, it shows the number of stars it will take to be unlocked;

• Stars. They denote your current location progress level;
• "Can be found" lost. It is the list of collection items can be found here and which ones you have already found, at least once.
• -Average earnings, number of caches and how many of them you have already opened;
• -Number of collection items available in the location.