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What does the map do?

The Morgan Hills map shows the current status of your journey in the Antiquaria world.

The map shows locations, what do the characters do and, of course, your antique shop. In the upper part, there is a mini control panel that contains standard information and shortcuts to go to the shop or the window of improvements.

Locations can either already unlocked by you (colored ) or locked (black and white). Locations with quest tasks have icons with a rabbit, and the locations with orders from characters - icons in the form of a magnifying glass. By tapping on a location, you choose in which of the available modes you visit the location.

Antiquarian characters move freely around Morgan Hills and you can see where are they looking for rarities right over. You can join them in the search by calling them to the VS search mode.
To get back to the shop, press on the shop itself at the bottom of the map or the button of the shop in the upper right corner.