How do I improve my shop? | Myantiquaria - Bergen Games

How do I improve my shop?

In order to increase your level - get stars and exchange the stars for various types of improvements.

You can improve your shop not only visually, by changing the interior and furniture, but also functionally, for this you need to increase the number of show glasses. Also, you should establish contacts with appraisal experts so that the collection items in your shop are always appraised and certified - this will make them cost more. You can do it in the window of improvements by exchanging your stars for one or another improvement of your shop. You get the stars as your game level grows.

To access the window of improvements, press the side button, next to the scale of growth of your level. In the next window, choose an available improvement button and press it for more information. By clicking the "Get" button, you spend your stars and get improvements that will make your adventure in Antiquaria even more fun.